summer camp

The Ultimate Camp Labels – The Perfect Solution to Keep Your Kid’s Belongings Organized and Safe

Discover camp labels, the ideal solution for organizing your child’s belongings at camp or outdoor activities. These stylish, durable, and versatile labels keep items safe and promote responsible habits. Choose from fun designs and make a positive impact.

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Everything Your Child Needs to be Prepared for Daycare and Preschool

Backpack, lunch box, water bottle, and extra clothes – what does your child actually need for daycare and preschool? Check out our handy checklist!

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The first day of school

Back to School – Everything You Need Before the First day of School

The first day of school is just as exciting every year – for both children and their parents. How will the first day be? What do you need to be prepared? What should you wear? The first day of school is an important childhood memory, and the day is filled with great expectations, many impressions, and a lot of nerves.

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Extra clothes kindergarten

All The Clothing Your Child Needs For Daycare And Primary School

Children need good clothes that keep them warm and dry. This list covers all seasonal clothing and gear needed for nursery school and kindergarten.

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Namelabels for kids

10 Reasons TeddyLabels Are A Must-Have Every School Year! 

Send your kiddo to school with confidence and a proud sense of ownership with customizeable name labels on all of their gear and supplies.

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name labels for children

Name Labels for Children – Accompanies the Child Through the Whole Childhood

Do you think name labels are used only in kindergarten and primary school? If so, you are wrong! Name labels are an essential aid that can be used throughout the whole childhood.

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Ghost halloween kids birthday party

Halloween: Celebrate the Most Spooktacular Day of the Year

Witches and sorcerers, scary movies, and spooky cupcakes. Here is all you need to throw a spooktacular Halloween party for children

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