10 Reasons TeddyLabels Are A Must-Have Every School Year! 

Send your kiddo to school with confidence and a proud sense of ownership with customizeable name labels on all of their gear and supplies.

Date: April 4, 2023

Namelabels for kids

Nothing about parenthood is ever quick or easy, but there are ways to make some things easier! Whether you’ve got kids in school, at daycare, or bustling from soccer to music lessons to swim meets, labeling your kids’ gear will make the early morning rush less hassle. TeddyLabels are self-adhesive labels that come in various sizes, are easily customizable to fit every need and personality, and securely attach to a multitude of surfaces and fabrics. Here’s what makes them superior to other brands, plus additional fun ways you can use them!

1. Several Sizes And Adhesions Available 

TeddyLabels are available in a variety of sizes to fit every need. The best-selling Stick-On Name Labels have three lines for information like your child’s name, your name and phone number, or medical conditions. Alternatively, this size is also available with an Iron-On backing, making them great for garments that don’t have an interior label to adhere to, like a hand-knit sweater or mittens. 

Large Stick-On Name Labels have two lines available, and are great for larger items like lunch boxes, backpacks, bikes or scooters. These labels are highly visible and come in a variety of cute themes, like forest animals, construction equipment, and unicorns. 

Mini Name Labels have just enough room for one word and come in many standout color combinations. They’re great for labeling smaller items like scissors, markers, sippy cups, and hair clips. 

Mix and match labels

2. Customizable Based On Your Child’s Interests And Favorite Colors 

You can easily customize your Stick-On or Iron-On Name Labels to fit your kids’ interests. Choose from animals to vehicles to sports to flowers to food, and much more. There are even super cool Superkids that can be personalized to look like your little superkid! Plus, you can change up the background color, font, and text color to make totally unique stickers your child will be excited about! 

Iron-on Labels

Large Name Labels come in sets of 33 pieces and contain circles, squares and rectangles, but are all one theme. 

Finally, Mini Name Labels come in sets of five vibrant coordinating colors. Choose from neons to pastels to neutrals. 

3. Dishwasher And Machine Washable 

Perhaps the best part about TeddyLabels is that they won’t come off in the wash! They’re waterproof, tough, durable, and long-lasting. All sizes of the Stick-On labels are machine washable in temperatures up to 140ºF/60ºC. They can go in the dryer and are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The Iron-On labels can withstand super-hot washing cycles of up to 200°F. They can handle rough wear and tear and will last through many washing cycles! 

Namelabels for school

4. Help Children Develop Their Sense Of Ownership 

Little ones starting preschool or kindergarten are just learning to read and spell. A label with their name on it will help them to start recognizing their own name and how to spell it. With their name on their belongings, kids pay more attention to what’s theirs and what belongs to others. This helps to encourage mindfulness when it comes to their own stuff, but they’ll also be proud to show off their cool personalized stickers.  


5. Help Children Avoid Conflict With Other Kids 

In a large class, the odds of your child having the same backpack or pencil box as another can be high. Help your child avoid arguments and tears over whose what is where with Mini Name Labels on all your kid’s supplies. Not only does this help them keep track of their own belongings, but it may also help them to feel more confident sharing because they know they’re sure to get their own stuff back. 

Mini Name Labels

6. Save Money 

How many lost mittens have you had to replace in the last year? Whether it’s just a pair of socks here and there, or one pricier thing like a winter jacket, the cost of replacing lost items can add up. While you may still lose some things along the way, a name label gives you a better chance of the item finding its way home. A TeddyLabel also means you’ll spend less money on labels in the long run because they won’t need replacing like other stickers.  

Children's Namelabels

7. Save Time 

If you’ve ever had to find the masking tape, scissors, and markers to create your own label, or used a mailing address label in a pinch, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, and we all know those solutions don’t last the day, let alone the washing machine. Peel and stick labels are quicker, easier, and longer lasting. TeddyLabels also provide more opportunity for misplaced items to find their way back to you; so you waste less time hunting around and making calls to teachers or other parents.

Big Name Labels

8. Keep Belongings Cleaner 

A name label eliminates the risk of your child drinking out of the wrong sippy cup or putting on the wrong face mask, exposing themselves to harmful bacteria and viruses. Should they lose an item, you can get it back before it goes into the Lost and Found box where icky, dirty, smelly items may be lurking. 


9. Organize Your Household 

Adhesive labels aren’t only great for school supplies and kids’ clothes, but can help you keep household items tidy and organized. Mini Name Labels are a great way to identify bins, drawers, or items like tooth brushes if you have several people living in your home. They’re perfect for toys, toiletries, cleaning supplies, the pantry closet, craft supplies, and more. Make tidying up easier for everyone by labeling where small items live. 


10. Fun And Handy For The Whole Family 

TeddyLabels aren’t just for kids, and there are tons of creative ways to use them!

  • Send a card to someone and use a cute, customized TeddyLabel to seal the envelope.
  • Headed to the community garden? Label your gardening tools with your name.
  • Teachers can mark files and worksheets with labels like “pop-quizzes” and “extra credit.”
  • Label bins in your tool box so you don’t mix up nuts and bolts in various sizes. The applications are endless!

Namelabels for children

TeddyLabels are a quick and convenient way to keep your kids’ belongings a little safer, and make them easier for teachers and caregivers to find. The fun, playful designs and colors give kids a sense of pride and help them to recognize their own belongings. Most importantly, the quality and durability are superior and longer lasting than other types of labels, so you’ll always have peace of mind and won’t need to keep relabeling belongings after they come out of the wash.