Mom and daughter hugging

Unique Mother’s Day Crafts You Can Make with Teddylabels!

Start Mother’s Day with love by making Mom a homemade breakfast & explore crafting ideas for a memorable celebration!

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Baby Names

Find the Perfect Name for Your Baby: 56 Fun Tips to Get Inspired!

Explore baby names with our 56 creative tips. Explore trends, meanings, and inspirations to find a name as unique as your little one.

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Children's birthday

The Best Tips for a Stress-Free and Fun Children’s Birthday Party

You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations or hours in the kitchen to make an unforgettable day. Here are our best tips for a stress-free, fun birthday party.

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girl drinking smoothie

8 Smoothie Recipes – Tasty and Kid-Friendly

Sweet, fresh, and packed with vitamins. A smoothie is great for breakfast, a snack, or dessert. Here are eight of our favorite recipes.

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easter trivia

Egg-citing Easter Trivia: A Fun Family Quiz for Everyone!

Gather the entire family for some fun Easter Trivia. In which country did the tradition of the Easter Bunny originate? Trivias are a fun activity for everyone – so let’s go! How many do you know the answer to?

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summer camp

The Ultimate Camp Labels – The Perfect Solution to Keep Your Kid’s Belongings Organized and Safe

Discover camp labels, the ideal solution for organizing your child’s belongings at camp or outdoor activities. These stylish, durable, and versatile labels keep items safe and promote responsible habits. Choose from fun designs and make a positive impact.

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Family quiz

Quiz for Children: 35 Fun Questions for the Whole Family

Looking for a fun quiz for children? Here you have 35 quiz questions for different levels of difficulty + tips on how to make the quiz extra fun.

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Namelabels for kids

10 Reasons TeddyLabels Are A Must-Have Every School Year! 

Send your kiddo to school with confidence and a proud sense of ownership with customizeable name labels on all of their gear and supplies.

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Fun fair

Inspiration and Tips for a Party at the Fair

Most children find the fair and amusement parks exciting and fun, so surprise your child with a birthday party inspired by the local fair and their favorite rides.

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Make a heart shaped card for valentines day

Valentine’s Day: A Celebration of Love for All Ages

Explore fun, affordable Valentine’s Day crafts and traditions for families, from homemade heart cards to unique, love-filled family activities.

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